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     Bringing another awesome innovation to the wardrobes of those in love with patterns and daring, free-flowing garments, Czarina are immensely proud to unveil our range of tunic-style dresses. Cut from the same silk and styled by the same impeccable eye for design responsible for our globally acclaimed range of modern Australian kaftans, Czarina’s mid length and short cut tunic dresses can be worn alone in summer settings or as the piece that sets off any outfit with its concentration of colour. With a wide range of animal prints, traditional designs and minimalist colour, every woman is sure to find a tunic dress to suit herself, no matter her size. 

    Show off our signature fusion style every day 

    Since the release of our genre-busting and innovative kaftan range, Czarina has built itself up into a globally respected brand with a reputation for dynamic design. Our founder, Nikki, has always had a real passion for clothing which allows women to tackle whatever their day holds comfortably and with freedom of movement. The kaftan as a garment fills these needs to perfection, and understanding that appeal has helped make our kaftan dresses so popular. With these shorter, trimmer tunic dresses now available through our store online, you can enjoy the feeling of having all eyes on you even when the situation isn’t suited to the more diaphanous kaftans. These loose garments cast a regal silhouette and look great on plus sized or unusually shaped bodies – we carry enough cuts and patterns to suit all of our customers, and we love them all. 

    Shop online now to save on this classic beauty 

    Czarina are proud to credit part of our success to our online store, offering all of our beautiful products for the fairest possible price. Peruse our different selection of silk tops and dresses, from classic kaftans to daring playsuits, and bundle your picks together for a single great deal on shipping. Support Australian fashion by purchasing from our dazzling catalogue and find your best style with Czarina.

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