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    Our Silk Kaftans Are Simply a Class Above 

    Be the belle of the summer ball with in these magnificent patterned kaftans. Czarina’s designers spend countless hours putting together these designs: stylish and sensual combinations of traditional prints and modern art. From mandalas to mythic tableaus, we search high and low to bring you kaftans in prints which will blow you away with their layers of colour. The overall effect is one of depth and mystique; in our range you will find pieces which snatch the attention of the eye and forbid you to look away. Dress yourself in this rich, global tradition and be a highlight of any party you walk into. 

    The perfect alignment of airy comfort and flowing beauty 

    Silk has long been prized for its unique combination of incredible feel and amazing looks; this makes it the perfect material for a garment such as the kaftan, whose ephemeral beauty belies how light and easy it is to wear. Our Kaftans are available from small to plus size, in many cuts and lengths, tailoring this versatile mode of dress to fit any situation from a poolside lounge to an elegant dinner or a charming garden wedding. We vary our designs to match, pairing colours and patterns which can evoke womens’ beauty any time they wear the kaftan. Look through our range for long enough and you can’t help but imagine yourself draped in these glamorous pieces, moving from smouldering nightlife to meditative repose as the delicate silk flows around you. 

    Designed and created by an incredible fashion mind

    As befits this luxuriant and premium-quality product line, all of Czarina’s kaftan designs are created in-house by our brand’s designer, Nikki. Her zeal and talent for reinventing free flowing clothing have garnered global attention, and the bedazzling array of colours decorating each Czarina piece are a testament to Nikki’s passion and willingness to expand on tradition in the name of beautiful clothing. Nikki also adds the personal touch to each and every Czarina garment – all of the crystals and semiprecious stones which so complete the look of our kaftans have been hand-selected and attached for a unique finish.

    Our entire range of womens’ kaftans are available on our website now, so find your look today and take advantage of this fashion opportunity.

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