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  • Lead the Fashion Charge of Silk Jumpsuits in Australia 

    Deciding on a look is an act of compromise: how do you want to show your exceptional taste and sense of style, how do you want to show the world you’re ready to take it on, while still enjoying comfortable clothes and freedom of movement? Czarina’s answer to many womens’ need for style in function is now here, as our terrific range of kaftan-inspired silk jumpsuits hit the streets ready to sizzle from the boardroom to the beach. Designed with the same artistic care and top quality materials as our signature home-grown and hand-made kaftans, these elegant pieces maintain the flowing, ephemeral look our customers love while capturing a more defined, sleek silhouette. With a range of cuts featuring different necklines, shoulder straps, sleek leggings or a loose, almost skirted bottom, you’ll find a jumpsuit which suits your style somewhere in the Czarina catalogue.

    Power through a range of settings in these eye-popping prints 

    Surging to global fashion prominence off the success of our Australian kaftan range, Czarina have continued down our chosen path, uniting the visionary design of haute couture with the easy grace of soft, loose clothing. The diaphanous and regal silhouette of our silk clothing lines lend an equal elegance to any body type, and these jumpsuits are no exception. Capturing the attention of any room with detailed, beautiful prints, and decorated individually with delicate crystals and semiprecious stones, they bring function and form to our typical flowing cuts. The legs are slashed high to allow the magnificent billowing look our customers love so much, but these jumpsuits will show off more of the figure – great for those with long legs or tall women generally. If you want a departure from our other ranges, peruse our silk jumpsuits for a truly unique look. 

    Find your favourite jumpsuit online and have it in the mail today 

    Like the rest of our fabulous hand-decorated garments, you can buy any of Czarina’s dazzling jumpsuits through our online store for a competitive price. You can also use our website to sign up for our newsletter, or to contact our brand with your enquiries.

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